Pierre was born in France in 1954. Painter, teacher, illustrator, navigator and reporter, he is living most of the time on the island of Uummannaq in Greenland to study nature and the inhabitants…

With regard to his background in France, Pierre was highly involved in the ballet world. He toured years along with several world famous compagnies most of them Americans, Germans and French. Pierre’s artistic education mostly took place in Brussel and Paris.

Official painter for The Royal Danish Navy from 1994 to 2016, he had been from 1998 to 2000 affected as painter reporter to the Royal Danish Navy, Aviation and Army. He travelled extensively (North Atlantic, Faroes Islands, Baltic, Iceland and all over Greenland, ex-Yugoslavia ). In the context of Danish campaigns in North Atlantic, Pierre got many opportunities to live in arctic regions, therefore he became deeply sensitive to the nature and culture of these countries and decided to live in the North West of Greenland in the little town of Uummannaq. Then he developed art teaching for the children, he created Uummannaq Art School « Tuullik » and became an active member of the Greenlandish artists group « KIMIK ». Pierre is also a fond keen navigator and musher.

As mentor, Pierre is invited to organize workshops in various schools and residential places, including home for aged people. These workshops allow children to create and integrate a wide range of sensory material on the same project, paint, dance, rhythm, using natural and salvaged material (as well as domestic material) for the confection of musical instruments, masks and costumes. He also participates to humanitarians missions in Africa supporting by his art building of schools and hospitals as in Mali.


– 2016: The Danish Defence Chief’s appreciation. (Dîplom).
– 2010: Member of the Greenlandish artists group  » Kimik » 
– 1998: Official Nomination as painter attached to the Danish Defence.
– 1994: Official Nomination as painter attached to the Danish Royal Navy.

Artistic Education:

– 1973/75: Higher School of Choreographic Studies, Paris, France.
– 1972: European Centre of Choreographic Research, Mudra, Brussel, Belgium.

Education including the following:

– Sociology, films, photography- UV, Paris VI University.
– Scenography- UV, High School of Architecture. Paris.
– Ancient art history, Ecole du Louvre: UV, Egypt, Rome, Orient.
– ESEC, Ballet music, Musicology, Ballet history, Labanotation.
– Painting and drawing, evening classes- « Les Beaux Arts » Caen


1976/ 91: Touring as a dancer with various world ballet companies, and then as a choreographer.

Group exhibition:

-2021  » Galerie L’ Etang d’ Art » Bages-France

-2021 « Wingfields Barn » Suffolk, UK

-2021: » 41st Mini Print International of Cadaquès, Taller galerie Spain

-2021: »Lundbjerg Museet » Sweeden

-2021: » 41 è MiniPrint International de Cadaqués »

-2021: « Portrait Now », The Carlsberg Foundation’s Portrait Award. Museum of National History, Frederiksborg. Danmark.

-2011: » Portrait Now », The Carlsberg Foundation’s Portrait Award. Museum of National History, Frederiksborg. Danmark.

– 2010/2020 KIMIK group exhibition
– 1998: “Forum Art Event” Copenhagen.
– 1995: “KE” Danish Autumn exhibition, EfterÅrsudstilling, Copenhagen. Denmark.
– 1990/91: “Salon des Indépendants”, Grand Palais, Paris.
– 1989: “Salon d’ Automne“ Grand Palais, Paris.
-1977: “Salon des Bas Normands” Caen Basse Normandie, Fr


– 2020 « Uummannarmioq » Det Grønlandske Hus » Copenhagen. DK

–  2019  « Aluu » Normandic artists connection, Greenlandic week,  Galerie Chaon, Granville France.
–  2017  « Summer exhibition » Ilulissat Art Museum.
–  2013  «  Uummannaq 250 years jubilee.
–  2011  « Slush », Halle aux Grains, Granville. France
–  2009  « Slush », Katuaq Kulturhus, Nuuk , Greenland
– 2008  International Polar Year project « Slush », 


“ Art Pluriel” Martinique Fort de France.
“ L’ Oeil Multiple” Granville, Fr.
“ Astel”, Copenhagen, DK
“ La Lanterne”, Bayeux, Fr.
“ Publi Relation“, Laval, Fr.
“ La Marine“, Granville, Fr.
“ Haute Feuille“, Paris, Fr.
“ Raspail Rive Gauche“, Paris, Fr.
“ Kulstoff 92“, Copenhagen, Dk.
“ Aagalleriet“, Frederiksværk, Dk.
“ Galerie des Éditions Maritimes”, Paris, Fr.
“ Galleri Reiff”, Holbæk, Dk.
“ SPOT” Frederiksværk, Dk.
“ Kanikker Gaard” Bornholm, DK.
“ Artothèque” Granville, France.

Buy by:

-DSB Danish national railway company, DR TV Byen Danish national TV & Radio House, Novo Nordisk, Norske Veritas, The Danish Defence, The Home Rules of Greenland, Arktisk Kommando Greenland, Faroes Islands Kommando……….


– 2012: Arktisk Kommando Nuuk Greenland.
– 2006/07: One year art project with schoolchildren in the schools of Uummannaq, Qaarsut, Ikerasak, Nuugaatsiaq Greenland.
– 2006: Decoration of Danish Warship “HMDS ABSALON”. Decoration of Danish Warship “HMDS Esbern Snarre”.
– 2005: Holte Reeducation center, Denmarkk.
– 2004/05: Stained glass windows for “Margrethe Church, Fuengirola, Spain.
– 2004: St. Lazerean School, Carlow , Irland. (Poject for children).
– 2004: The Danish Royal Marine Material Headquarters.
– 2002: “The Town Hall “ of Frederiksværk. Dk.
– 2002: Royal Danish Military Average School in Hvims. Dk.
– 2001: “Margrethe Kirken” Decoration of the Danish Church in Fuengirola, Spain.
– 2000: Danish Royal Marine Headquarters in Greenland.
– 1999: “The Blue Ruban Cup” Scandlines.
– 1997: The Danish Defence Headquarters. Dk.
– 1996: The Danish Royal Marine Headquarters. Dk.
– 1994: The Museum of the Fregate “ Jylland”, Ebeltoft, Dk.

Orders for:

– 2005: The portrait of His Royal Highness The Consort Prins Henrik of Denmark for the Fregate Jylland Museum
– 2002: The Naval Station of Frederikshavn, Dk.
– 2000: The Town hall of Qaqortoq, Greenland.
– 2000: Her Majesty The Mother Queen Ingrid of Denmark.
– 1999: The Townhall of Norfolk, USA.
– 1999: The Danish Ambassy in Tallin, Estland.
– 1998: The Russian Fleet 300 years jubilee.
– 1997/ 99: The Danish Ambassy in Island.
– 1997: Her Majesty the Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.
– 1997: Havard War College. USA
– 1996: His Royal Highness, The Crown Prins Frederik of Denmark.
– 1994/ 96: His Royal Highness , The Consort Prins Henrik of Denmark.


– 2006/ 07: Diagala/ Mali: Calenders for French Humanitarian organisation.
– 2003: “ The Royal Navy” A book about the Danish warships with text og Commander Erik Månssonn, 40 paintings from Pierre.
– 1997: Royal Danish Navy calender.
– 1991/93: “Hempels” maritime calender.
– 1987: Guy Junes Editor, Paris.

Illustrations for:

-Gyldendal, Borgens, Nationalmuseet, Fregate Jylland, Div. Theaters, The Danish Defence….

Reportage in:

-North Atlantic, Norge, Island, Faeroes, Greenland, Bosnia,Napoli, Kosovo, Grazzanize..

Foundations and Sponsors:

– 2001: Scandinavian Airlines
– 2000: The cultural council of the town of Frederiksværk, Dk.
– 1997: Thodberg Travel Donation.
– 1995: The Royal Naval Museum.
– 1995: Peter Augustinus found.
– 1989/94 Lagermann (spossoring).


-Painter, posters, scénographies for Greenlandish and Danish theaters, articles in Greenlandish art magazine » Neriussaq », Documentaries films and TV.,.

 All pictures on these pages are under copyright.